Become the Must-Have Financial Expert the Wealthy Crave
Discover the Coveted Affluent Client Sourcing Secrets of the Top Millionaire Advisors 
Best part? You will be coached every step of the way to implement them in your practice…
Are you ready to …

… Attract a steady stream of the right wealthy clients and serve them well while having more time for yourself …

… Generate even more money without greater demands on yourself ...

… Increase the quality of clients and prospect sources, no matter how affluent your current client base is today …

… And all inside a proven $250 billion turnkey business development platform where you become the must-have financial expert the wealthy are begging to meet, REGARDLESS of how long you've been in business?

You know the affluent need world-class insight for growing their wealth. This is your opportunity.

You are ready for CEG Advantage.
Every month, CEG Advantage delivers the thought
leadership tools and supporting infrastructure you need to attract new affluent clients and
additional assets. Here's what you'll get ...
Your First 100-DAY Marketing Plan
We’ll set you up to get results right from your very first day as a CEG Advantage member. Your marketing plan will set out exactly where you are now, where you want to go, and the specific activities you and your team will take each month to attract the new affluent clients and assets you want. Your marketing plan is created with our team's guidance during your launch call.
Concise, High-Impact Reports
Focused on the Affluent
Every month, a new high-impact report focused on the affluent will put you and keep you at the front of the minds of your top clients, your prospective clients and the centers of influence in your community. When it comes to making referrals and providing new assets, they’ll think of you first. If you’re still sending out an old-fashioned newsletter, you’ll be glad to switch it out for the Flash Report. We make it easy for you to customize the report with your firm’s branding. We even provide a cover letter for you to send with the Flash Report, along with full documentation for your compliance officer and a letter from FINRA.
Five Special Reports Each Month
That Start Profitable Conversations
There is no better way to start conversations that lead to new business than to deliver exclusive, high-value content that addresses the specific challenges and goals of clients, prospective clients and other professional advisors. Each report is packed with practical information from successful family offices and elite professionals who are helping their affluent and ultra-affluent clients maximize and protect their wealth using today’s most innovative strategies. Our tools enable you to easily co-brand each report to inspire action in every recipient.
High-Powered Books That Leverage The Multiplier Effect With Your Centers Of Influences So They Introduce You To Their Best Clients
Attorneys and accountants can be your very best source of new affluent clients—provided you know how to build mutually profitable relationships with them. Our books will position you as the financial advisor they want to work with—and want to introduce their best clients to. And of course, we have books for your clients, too, on topics that matter to them and that will motivate them to act. Even better: The cover of each book is customizable with your name, photo and contact information to make it stand out even more.
PLUS you will receive five COI accounts you can use to personalize our powerful Becoming Seriously Wealthy reports with the details your accountant, CPA, attorney and your other centers of influence provide you.
This is the Power of Reciprocity at its finest! And your source of an endless stream of ideal affluent clients as your COI associates become delighted to introduce their own wealthy clients to you. The perfect win-win-win situation.
Coaching has been the most requested service from our past Advantage members, and is now included in the program.

With our CEG Advantage program, we want absolutely nothing left to chance. Not only will you receive all the high-powered AUM-building tools and strategies described on this page, but you will get monthly detailed coaching on exactly how to implement them into your practice!
We are with you every step of the way to help you generate the new wealthier clients you want.   Here’s what we have for you Every Month: 
The Elite Wealth Advisor Video Conference with John Bowen 
In  this interactive video conference, John shares behind-the-scenes insights on the thought leadership strategies attracting the most assets under management right now along with how to get maximum results from each of that month’s CEG Advantage tools. 

The Private Wealth Video Conference with Russ Alan Prince
In his video conference, Russ focuses on how to build the all-important strategic partnerships with centers of influence that will make all the difference in moving significantly upmarket.  

The Team Implementation Video Conference 
This video conference for your key operations team members and/or executive assistant walks them through the nuts and bolts of effectively executing the CEG Advantage tools so you can focus on high-value business-building activities. 
 The CEG Advantage Action Guide 
The Action Guide spells out the vital few actions you should take each month to build your practice with the wealthy. Refer to it throughout the month to achieve dramatically enhanced results. 

The CEG Advantage Strategy Blueprint
This visual tool breaks one key proven strategy for moving up market to serve wealthier clients into actionable steps that you and your team can take right away.

The CEG Advantage Private Facebook Group
Ask questions, get answers and find out how your fellow Advantage members are growing assets and multiplying their number of affluent clients. John Bowen also regularly livestreams answers to all your questions.

All this for only $1,000 a month!
There's no contract and you
can cancel at any time.

With CEG Advantage, you’ll be part of a small group of high-performing financial advisors using our turnkey thought leadership business development platform. You’ll get tools that your competitors will never discover.

You’ll be able to take the fresh new strategies and business development tools personally created and tested by Russ and John and plug them in to your practice—every single month.

And each month John and Russ will coach you on exactly how to implement these powerful strategies and tools in to your personal practice!
Like we said before… nothing is left to chance for you in this program.

Think about it: One new affluent client could pay for several years of your CEG Advantage membership.

With these insights, you can build a simple and elegant wealth management practice that makes you indispensable to the right affluent clients, while you enjoy a great quality of life.

Every month, we reveal all the strategies and tools you need become that trusted, go-to advisor in your community. You will become the expert the affluent want to help them reach their most important financial goals.

Consider this: Would it be worth  $1,000 for you to spend an entire month looking over John and Russ’ shoulders … personally showing you what’s working best in thought leadership for business development … and helping you deploy those strategies in your own practice?
Our CEG Advantage monthly mailing
and Internet portal will give you that
same experience!
And here’s something else to think about …

Would it be worth  $1,000 to jump online with Russ and John twice a month to review how to accelerate your success even more? You bet it would be. That’s why we do live video conferences each month.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to these live events each month. We record each one and archive them on the Internet portal so you can watch anytime. You’ll have access to these recordings as long as you’re a CEG Advantage member. Which we anticipate will be a long, long time.

If you’re working with clients with $500,000 of investable assets and you want to work with clients with $5 million, CEG Advantage is the way.

If you’re working with clients with $5 million and you want to go to clients with $10 million of investable assets, CEG Advantage is the way.

Over the years, Russ and John have built very effective turnkey thought leadership campaigns for our financial advisor clients. We’ve helped them raise more than $250 billion by making it easy to implement campaigns that work.

Now we want to do it for you!
We want to make CEG Advantage membership a no-brainer for you. There’s no contract and you can cancel at any time.
Remember: all this for
only  $1,000 a month!

There's no contract and you can cancel at any time.
We are standing by to answer any questions that you may have. To contact your account manager, Lisa Schulte, please schedule a call below or you can reach
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